I have traveled a fair amount so here is my list
  1. Bighorn Mountains
    They are in Wyoming and they are awesome and literally the best place on earth
  2. Bighorn Basin
    You can see it from our cabin in the Bighorns. Great place.
  3. Cowley, Wyoming
    Many of the best people to grace this earth are from here.
  4. Cody, Wyoming
    A great place in the Bighorn Basin and the east entrance to Yellowstone...which is a place anyone who can breathe should visit.
  5. Miami, Florida
    Lots of great Cuban people have lived here.
  6. Cuba
    I haven't been but if it's half as good as they say then it's a great place.
  7. The rest of the world
    As you may have noticed I am biased. Still the rest of the planet is pretty awesome even if it's not in Wyoming or full of Cubans.
  8. Italy
    Yeah the whole boot is beautiful has awesome old stuff everywhere and has GELATO all over the place. Loved visiting it and loved the gelato. Basically any place that invents it's own ice cream has to be a great place.