Favorite 5 places to eat in Provo

  1. Bombay House
    Fantastic Indian food and not just by Provo standards. This place is wonderful
  2. Happy Sumo
    Solid sushi place with a lively atmosphere.
  3. Emmanuels
    My favorite Mexican food in town. I go here at least once a week and it's like 1 min from my house. If you go and see a dude reading a book it's probably me so come say hi.
  4. Texas Roadhouse...formerly Outback
    It's a chain and it's decent...but I always run into friends there so I like it. We don't have a real steakhouse in town and really it's in Orem but I still end up here a few times a month.
  5. Slab Pizza
    Best pizza in town and perfect portions for someone like me who would otherwise eat too much.
  6. Notable mentions below
  7. Pho or Noodle King
    Both downtown and both good
  8. 180 Tacos
    2 locations both good
  9. Gallo Giro
    My second favorite Mexican place in town.
  10. Anything-I love food
    No really if you are hungry message me and more often than not I'll go with you. If you're a go the odds are high that I'll offer to pay.
  11. Del Taco
    Only place in town with fish tacos at 3am. Also the menu and food are better than taco bell by a mile