The things and memories that will always remind me of my days as an angsty teenager.
  1. Jack's Mannequin
  2. Baking brownies with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles
  3. Making funfetti cake from scratch after school every week with my friend Jenna. We also had a homemade ranch dressing phase. Oh and a creamy white pasta one as well.
  4. UGGS. I will forever own a pair and wear them proudly. Specifically folded down all the way.
  5. Being 'rebellious' at my private school by wearing a Hanes white v-neck instead of a polo and rolling my shorts real short. I would run away from the dean if I saw or sensed that they were near.
  6. Putting secret notes in my best friend's hair during geometry since it was big and curly.
  7. Also having prayer wars with her and my friend Chris in that class.
  8. Wearing mocs and socks almost everyday
  9. Going to concerts: No Doubt, Blink-182, Warped Tour, etc.
  10. Skinny dipping in my parents pool
  11. Getting stoned for my Physics final and writing an essay as to why I deserved a good grade in the class instead of answering the actual equations. At least I got a B!
  12. Being told I had nice boobs by my crazy history teacher. She meant well but I was always concerned about her. At least we are Facebook friends.
  13. My friends joking that I would have a bakeshop called 'Madeleine's Goodies'
  14. Having important conversations in cars