1. This morning's debacle in Pete's Coffee: an ansy/decidedly aggressive woman was trying to order before us because we didn't know what we wanted. Calm the fuck down. It's 6 in the morning.
  2. Sophie unintentionally flirting with a McDonald's drive thru employee. Shout out to Brittany. Thanks for the McMuffins and hash browns.
  3. Only regret: eating the sausage McMuffin and hash brown. I needed something to subside my acid reflux though.
  4. Listening to Bartender, Kiss Me Thru the Phone, Sure Thing, and Missy Elliott jams
  5. My legs and vag are getting burnt from the oppressive sun
  6. Deciding that we are going to have an LA day: nails done and hair did. Might as well pretend to play along.