1. Thinking about what I have to do after work: go to the gym, get conditioner at ULTA, go to the market to pick up the remainder of my baking ingredients
  2. To get pizza for dinner or not to get pizza for dinner: that is the question.
  3. Feeling a bit blehh from my iced mocha
  4. Deciding if I'm gonna go home for Labor Day weekend even though I'm going to see my parents the weekend after with Sophs
  5. Seriously contemplating leaving my job. I just have to find a replacement first.
  6. Thinking about the terrible sunburn on my chest and stomach. Have to pick up some aloe vera so that shit doesn't peel.
  7. Itching a mysterious bug bite on my foot.
  8. Regretting my impulsive online shopping orders I placed. Goodbye future paychecks.