It is important to document these times.
  1. I'm sitting in Washington Sq Park and the weather is beautiful
  2. I found a shady spot on a well located bench
  3. I feel both in the middle of action and contently alone
  4. I have loose plans for later and the rest of the day to do what I want
    I'm a massive planner but it's nice to both have plans and also not have them today.
  5. I just got a smoothie from Juice Generation
  6. A guy at work whom I thought hated me was really nice to me today
    He gave me a bunch of DVDs for free, which I will promptly regift to my dad.
  7. I'm reading Gone Girl for the first time
    If you spoil this book for me I will find you.
  8. A gaggle of cute kids just walked by me
  9. I talked to a Boy who I Like this morning
    I hate how this can make or break a day...
  10. I have the whole weekend ahead
    Sometimes I wish Friday's could freeze in time because they are such an exhilarating whirlwind of relief and anticipation.
  11. I have things to look forward to next week.
  12. I both miss my family but am also happy to be here even though they are not
    I think this is the eternal thing to strive for.
  13. I feel rejuvenated in a lot of ways
    Because sometimes New York just does that to you.