What do you think when this evil thing happens to you?
  1. I have herpes
  2. Did a bug bite me
  3. Why are there bugs in my apartment
  4. How do you get rid of bugs in your apartment
  5. Did anyone see me scratch the itch
  6. Is there something gross under my fingernails now
  7. Are itches contagious
  8. What are itches
  9. Have itches always been around? Did they develop over time?
  10. Why is it that when I think about the itch then it itches more
  11. Let me google herpes to make sure that's not it.
  12. Mental note: don't image search herpes
    Even though I know I'll do it again next time
  13. Does west nile still exist?
  14. Let me google rashes just to see which one I have
  15. Now it itches somewhere else
    And this whole thing starts over again