This list includes fantasies I had from ages 7 through 15
  1. Becoming Justin Timberlake's girlfriend
  2. Becoming one of the child actors on Barney
  3. Whether Rose from Titanic ever really found happiness after Jack
  4. What it felt like to be kissed by someone you loved
  5. What it would be like to have fans
  6. Lots of boys wanting to date me
  7. How I would deny potential suitors
    I had this fantasy where lots of boys always would want to ask me to prom but I obviously couldn't say yes to all of them. So, instead of saying no, the ones who got kisses on the cheek knew it wasn't happening for them, and then when I found my Prom Prince Charming I would kiss him on The Lips. This entire scene was supposed to happen when I was 16 and it always took place in the halls of my elementary school.
  8. Being a popular and hot cheerleader
    Bring It On was highly influential in my formative years
  9. The imaginary friend who lived in my walls
    I used to ask the walls each night that if I slept facing the other wall the monster in that wall wouldn't kill me in my sleep. As I did this I knew it was crazy but I still did it for probably five years.
  10. Whether or not I was a leprechaun
    Have you seen the movie The Luck of the Irish? I had.
  11. Meeting Idina Menzel and then becoming best friends
  12. Which woman from Sex and the City I was
    I had a small TV in my room that only showed what the satellite would pick up and lucky for me they broadcast a very edited version of Sex and the City late at night. This is honestly pretty indicative of how I got to be the way I am now.
  13. What it would be like to date Frankie Muniz
    This was a weird sex dream I used to have when I was young. It involved Frankie Muniz in a wheelchair and him getting surgery in a storefront window.
  14. Anything having to do with real intimacy