1. I can sing anything I want and convince myself I sound amazing
    ...as if I needed convincing...
  2. Nudity. Whenever. Wherever. Whyever.
    If you think I haven't sat on every piece of furniture I own naked, you're wrong.
  3. All the wifi gets funneled to my devices
  4. Nobody else is in the kitchen
    Or, worse, you are trying to watch Orange is the New Black and someone is doing a freakin drum solo with all of those pots in the kitchen.
  5. You can exclaim out loud to yourself without judgement
    Watching Homeland: "CARRIE NO! No! Why did you do that?? Not to Saul! UGHHHH" and nobody even cares
  6. You can be as messy as you want and nobody will be angry!
    The only thing worse than having a messy roommate is being the messy roommate. But not when your roomie isn't around!!
  7. You can turn the AC on as high as you want
  8. You can take a nap anywhere and not be worried about being woken up