Real and fictional
  1. The Sedarises
    David is a genius and Amy is so freakin cool
  2. The Tenenbaums
    I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum
  3. The Haim girls
    Don't even know how to pronounce their last name/band name but I would love to pose for cool pictures with them and play the triangle or something on their songs
  4. The Pritchetts on Modern Family
    Being from Missouri, perhaps I could be Cam's cool niece who is over the farm and comes to live with them in California
  5. The Coppolas
    I don't think this needs explaining
  6. The Dunhams
    Both Lena & Grace are smart and interesting, plus the parents seem chill as hell
  7. Chrissy Tiegen & John Legend
    Ideally they'd adopt me and I'd spend my days inventing cool bacon recipes with Chrissy