1. The last day of school with the best of friends
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  2. The hike to Mirror Lake on Mt. Hood with my sister
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  3. This spectacular sunrise the morning after graduation
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  4. These insane roses on Father's Day
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  5. This fabulous selfie from our grad party
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  6. This crazy view from one of many hikes
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  7. The blueness of this hidden swimming pool
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  8. The best shaved ice
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  9. These dashing friends on a warm and sunny boating day
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  10. This waterfall on another amazing hike
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  11. This slightly crazed snapshot of friendship
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  12. My summer breakfast routine
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  13. This time we went berry picking
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  14. My evenings reading in the Rose Garden
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  15. This cute selfie on the Fourth of July with some girls I adore
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  16. This wild view from yet another hike
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  17. The time friends and I went for doughnuts at Pip's (and were featured in NYT's "36 Hours in Portland" !!! )
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  18. This perfect description of camp
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  19. The first time I truly felt the Bern!!
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  20. When we embarked on a final backpacking trip in the canyon we've been hiking since fourth grade (the same canyon that was later engulfed in flames and destroyed by one of Oregon's summer forest fires)
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  21. This splendid little picnic with some irreplaceable pals
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  22. This wondrous selfie after my cute cabin pranked all three boy cabins at once #whoruntheworld #girlpower (stickers added for child anonymity)
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  23. The most incredible ceremony
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  24. This frickin nonsense
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  25. When the sky looked like this ☁️☁️
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