1. 1.
    The last day of school with the best of friends
  2. 2.
    The hike to Mirror Lake on Mt. Hood with my sister
  3. 3.
    This spectacular sunrise the morning after graduation
  4. 4.
    These insane roses on Father's Day
  5. 5.
    This fabulous selfie from our grad party
  6. 6.
    This crazy view from one of many hikes
  7. 7.
    The blueness of this hidden swimming pool
  8. 8.
    The best shaved ice
  9. 9.
    These dashing friends on a warm and sunny boating day
  10. 10.
    This waterfall on another amazing hike
  11. 11.
    This slightly crazed snapshot of friendship
  12. 12.
    My summer breakfast routine
  13. 13.
    This time we went berry picking
  14. 14.
    My evenings reading in the Rose Garden
  15. 15.
    This cute selfie on the Fourth of July with some girls I adore
  16. 16.
    This wild view from yet another hike
  17. 17.
    The time friends and I went for doughnuts at Pip's (and were featured in NYT's "36 Hours in Portland" !!! )
  18. 18.
    This perfect description of camp
  19. 19.
    The first time I truly felt the Bern!!
  20. 20.
    When we embarked on a final backpacking trip in the canyon we've been hiking since fourth grade (the same canyon that was later engulfed in flames and destroyed by one of Oregon's summer forest fires)
  21. 21.
    This splendid little picnic with some irreplaceable pals
  22. 22.
    This wondrous selfie after my cute cabin pranked all three boy cabins at once #whoruntheworld #girlpower (stickers added for child anonymity)
  23. 23.
    The most incredible ceremony
  24. 24.
    This frickin nonsense
  25. 25.
    When the sky looked like this ☁️☁️