Everyone has a handful of childhood/current nicknames. These are mine.
  1. Maddie
    The queen of all my nicknames, basically a full time name at this point (my full first name is actually Madeline).
  2. MJ
    This name is the OG nickname. It's the initials for my first and middle names (Madeline Justine), and was a go-to for my parents when I was growing up. Also the same initials as my godfather!
  3. Scoop
    Mostly a nickname that my dad uses. This originated when I played softball in elementary school, because I played shortstop and catcher and would scoop up the balls.
  4. Pickles
    My first self-designated nickname. Became a thing in first grade, when there were three Madelines in my class and we all chose vegetables to go by instead (obviously!) My best friend is Zucchini. Our teacher actually called us these names and it was hella legit.
  5. Crash
    A short-lived nickname that originated because I was an aggressive soccer player who crashed into other people a lot (whoops) and also because I fell down a hill on a family vacation. My least flattering nickname.
  6. Venus
    Another self-designated name. This became my counselor name at the summer camp I grew up attending and later worked at. Every staff member had a silly name, and I picked Venus. I liked that it symbolizes love, compassion, and a cool planet.
  7. Mad/Mads
    A very lowkey nickname that originated in high school. Interestingly, I only like when certain friends call me this and get pissed off when anyone else uses it. I'm aware that that makes zero sense.