From the seasons I have watched 🌹
  1. 7.
    Ben Flajnik
    Absolutely the WORST. Boring, annoying, and shallow. He actually picked that one woman who was really bitchy to the other women, and was there to cause drama. 0/10
  2. 6.
    Juan Pablo Galavis
    Pretty awful... Cocky and incredibly boring. Very unpopular with the Bachelor fanbase too. 2/10
  3. 5.
    Brad Womack (Part II)
    I don't remember this season very well which is probably because this guy wasn't that interesting either but I don't remember him being an asshole! He picked a GEM, so he gets points for that. 5/10
  4. 4.
    Ben Higgins
    Very charming and sweet, this guy is full of emotions! He had good intentions, but kind of bland. 7/10
  5. 3.
    Nick Viall
    Impressed me more than I'd expected, but bored me with his crying and shit show of emotions every episode. Still a good guy though! 7.5/10
  6. 2.
    Chris Soules
    He was actually very smart and genuine, just looking for a nice lady to live on his farm with him. Slightly unrealistic expectations. 8/10
  7. 1.
    Sean Lowe
    The KING of bachelors!! Hilarious, charming, heartthrob. Also he chose the best wife and they're happily married and adorable. 100/10