A list of lifestyle/habit changes that have occurred since starting college in the fall
  1. Actually reading expiration dates
    Never did this except for easily sketchy foods (usually just sour cream) because I assumed my parents threw out anything moldy/bad.
  2. Making my bed everyday
    At home, my room was not the main hangout spot in my house so this seemed unnecessary. Now, my bedroom is my only space to be unless I physically leave me dorm.
  3. Keeping my room tidy, in general
    See above ⬆️
  4. Keeping the bathroom clean
    I only ever cleaned the bathroom at home before a party or if company was coming to stay... Yikes :/
  5. Cleanliness, in general
    I have become more sensitive to smells and clutter... Does this make me an adult?!
  6. Amount of money spent eating out
    A change for the worse, looking forward to having a kitchen next year 🙌🏻