I'm just about two weeks into my sophomore year of college. We didn't have a kitchen last year, so no one cooked, but we do this year. I've always considered myself a decent cook, until I realized the differences between my resources at school vs. at home. Here is what I've survived upon so far 🤓
  1. Breakfast burritos
    Tortilla, cheese, scrambled eggs, avocado = simple/easy fast
  2. Pasta
    Noods with some olive oil and random veggies
  3. Rice bowls
    I cooked this big batch of rice over the weekend so I can heat it up and add misc toppings. This is one of my least favorite meals tbh
  4. Salads
    Greens and misc toppings
  5. Quesadillas
    Tortilla, cheese, chicken on occasion
  6. Toast
    PBJ toast or bananas on toast or avocado toast
  7. Yogurt/apples
    Snacks or breakfast
  8. Basically I'm using a bunch of the same ingredients and trying to make them into different meals (i.e breakfast burrito versus lunch quesadilla)
  9. Hopefully my options expand as I continue to navigate the world of cooking... Wish me luck!