I attend the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. This year, I've discovered the art of finding the best study places. These are almost all the possibilities, ranked worst to best.
  1. 13.
    My room
    I hate studying in my room. I get easily distracted and my bed is right there so I can easily ditch studying and take a nap. Also my roommate is always there, and she smells bad.
  2. 12.
    Gelman Library
    It's no lie, our library is a shithole. I get that I shouldn't expect a huge, beautiful library like you might find at an Ivy League university, but Gelman sucks. This photo is of the only tolerable space on the first floor; everything else is dark, smelly, and full of hatred. Also there are barely any windows 🙅🏼
  3. 11.
    Dorm study space
    A necessity when I need to get something done and I'm too lazy/tired/improperly dressed to leave the dorm. It does the job, but has nothing going for it.
  4. 10.
    Duques School of Business
    One of the less appealing academic buildings for studying. In its defense, it probably wasn't intended to have amazing study space anyways.
  5. 9.
    A slightly underrated option on campus, if you can multitask. I love our gym and it's super easy to get a reading done while on the treadmill.
  6. 8.
    National Mall
    A slightly overrated option, mostly because everyone thinks this is the bees knees. In actuality, it's windy and tourists are loud/annoying. Bonus points for the pretty views though.
  7. 7.
    J Street
    This is our joke of a dining hall. While I'm not a fan of their food, it's a pretty good study environment. Lots of variety for seating and coffee just around the corner. Plus, it's likely you'll run into people you know, which is a fun bonus.
  8. 6.
    Kogan Plaza
    Better than the mall simply because there are way less tourists. It also offers a lot of variety, from picnic tables to lounging on the grass.
  9. 5.
    Marvin Center (upper floors)
    Aside from J Street, the upper floors of our student center provide a lot of good options for studying. This space also tends to be less busy, since most people choose to waste away in Gelman.
  10. 4.
    Elliott School of International Affairs
    There is one small area on the third floor in Elliott that is awesome for studying. It has these huge black chairs and a printer and outlets and a pretty view. Limited space, or else it would be ranked higher.
  11. 3.
    Coffee shops
    Usually my go-to study space in Portland, but coffee shops lose points in DC because there are very few near campus and a much smaller variety of them here. A study trip to a high quality coffee shop is nice but a big commitment with the commute across the city.
  12. 2.
    Milken School of Public Health
    Oh how I adore Milken! A hidden gem, so it hasn't yet been completely overrun by students. There are tons of cute study alcoves on every floor and the view of Washington Circle is amazing from the top floors. A strong candidate for first place, but it's pretty far from my current dorm.
  13. 1.
    Science and Engineering Hall
    Ah SEH... The newest and prettiest building on campus. This building was built to inspire innovation, and has different study space on every floor to do so. There are outlets everywhere, which is clutch. Another bonus is the secret study rooms on the upper floors. Live, love, SEH.