Because I like making lists about important issues
  1. Mrs. Field's
    I don't think I've ever had one of their cookies, so they lose by forfeit.
  2. Famous Amos
    Shitty chocolate chip cookies.
  3. Fig Newtons
    What the hell are these? Fig jelly in a soft shell? Pass.
  4. Grandma's
    They're fine.
  5. Lorna Doone
    Simple shortbread, exactly average.
  6. Chips Ahoy
    Slightly above average, gets the job done.
  7. Keebler
    Major points for those fudge strip cookies, but the m&m cookies are trash.
  8. Nilla Wafers
    Super underrated, I'm a fan of the classic vanilla taste. And they go well with coffee.
  9. Nutter Butters
    Huge points for peanut butter, additional points for being shaped like a peanut.
  10. Mother's
    Earning a fairly high spot on this list due to their circus animal cookies (you know, the pink and white frosted ones).
  11. Oreos
    I could snack on Oreos for DAYS. The best cookie to pair with a glass of milk.
  12. Pepperidge Farms
    Takes the cake because they created Milanos, the queen of all cookies.