Favorite 2016 Memories

As the year comes to a close, one naturally reflects on the past 365 days. Despite the shit show that 2016 proved to be, there were some pretty damn good times. Here are some of the best ✨
  1. Enduring my first blizzard with some pjs and pizza
  2. Spring Break trip to see my sister
  3. Attending a rad surprise party with friends
  4. Throwing an equally, if not more rad surprise party with some of my closest pals
  5. Getting much better at frisbee
  6. Snuggling with this guy on his last days
  7. Watching my sister graduate college
  8. Summer adventures with pops
  9. Spending time at camp
  10. Trip to San Juan Islands
  11. Interning on Capitol Hill
  12. Turning 2️⃣0️⃣🎉
  13. Halloween ventures
  14. Getting two lovely littles
  15. Reconnecting with past pals
  16. Trekking to PA (mostly to see @katevh 's lil sister)
  17. Skiing on this gorgeous day
  18. Visiting these two in Seattle
  19. Bring it on 2017 ✨