All of these instances occurred between the ages of 7 and 10.
  1. Castaway
    I'll preface this by acknowledging the fact that this movie is a classic and Tom Hanks is phenomenal. However, this movie was forced into my life while I was hosting my best friend for a sleepover. I'm pretty sure we asked if we could watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie. For a nine year old girl, it is terrifying to imagine being stranded on an island forever. The tears came around when he befriended the volleyball.
  2. The Nutty Professor
    Another sleepover instance, with the same best friend (it's a miracle that our friendship stayed intact). This one freaked me out because of the whole "deranged-mad-scientist" aspect. There's definitely a part where he turns green or something, and I've never liked horror movies.
  3. The Disorderly Orderly
    This featured the same actor as The Nutty Professor, Jerry Lewis. I think this is the only movie on this list that I didn't cry during, because it's a comedy. However, it was unsettling that Jerome can feel everyone else's pain. Another creepy sensation not fit for an eight year old to imagine.
  4. 8 Below
    The big kahuna. This was supposedly a children's film (produced by Disney) but the results were disastrous. The story is about eight sled dogs who get stranded in Antarctica and must survive the harsh climate until they're rescued. Let me tell you... The dogs are injured, there's a terrifying leopard seal, and the whole experience is traumatic. This one had my mom and I sobbing.