So I've been obsessed with Hamilton since December, when my sister @annabelle___ introduced it to me. Several weeks ago, @katevh found a bootlegged video of the musical on tumblr. Since I was wrapped up in finals last week, I decided to save my first watch of the show for my six hour flight home to Portland. These were my thoughts while watching it.
  1. they are SO good live
  2. I can't believe I already have chills and it's just the first song
  3. Leslie Odom Jr. 😍😍😍😍 holy shit
  4. the spotlighting in "Alexander Hamilton" is insane
  5. the rapping in "Aaron Burr, Sir" is spot on
  6. Alexander Hamilton was the same age in this song that I am NOW whoa 😳
  7. ugh I love Lafayette
  8. I totally didn't think there would be backup dancers
  9. Hamilton, Lafayette, Laurens, and Mulligan are squad goals
  10. I wonder if there will be any speaking dialogue
  11. JUST KIDDING the Schuyler sisters are real goals yass #werk
  12. Angelica slays oh my god
  13. "the Schuyler sisters" is probably the best character introductory song of all time
  14. omg Samuel seasbury stfu
  15. Jonathan Groff oh my god 😂 the costume is so perfectly gaudy
  16. the dancing during the cannon part in Right Hand Man is cool af
  17. aw I feel bad when Burr tries to impress Washington and gets shot down
  18. lmao during A Winter's Ball
  19. Phillipa Soo is an angel it's nbd
  20. Helpless is just as sweet as I thought it would be
  21. Renee Elise Goldsberry has one of the best voices I've ever heard
  22. the sexual tension during Satisfied is unreal
  23. shit, Safisfied is heart wrenching
  24. Laurens to Burr when he says "well I've heard you've got a special someone on the side burr" is such a great line
  26. even better than expected ugh wow
  27. Ten Duel Commandments is so lit
  28. That Would Be Enough, 10/10
  29. Lafayette is badass af in Guns and Ships
  30. I freaking love Daveed Diggs
  31. Christopher Jackson's vocals in Guns and Ships/ History Has Its Eyes On You are on point
  32. Yorktown is a GREAT number, vocally and with the choreography
  33. shoutout to Hercules Mulligan yasssss
  34. Jonathan Groff is so funny omg
  35. "awesome! Wow!" HAHAHA
  36. Dear Theodosia is the sweetest thing EVER
  37. Lin-Manuel Miranda's voice is actually so good in Dear Theodosia
  38. oh my god I was not expected the little tidbit about Laurens' dying what on earth 😭😭 nooooo
  39. Nonstop is so underrated!
  40. wow
  41. halfway done and this is insanely good
  42. Daveed Diggs continues to slay as Jefferson
  43. What Did I Miss is such a great upbeat and cheery song, another one I underrated
  44. ohhhhh my gosh the rap battle cabinet meetings
  45. there is a baby on my flight shrieking and I can't hear
  46. Take A Break oh my gosh 😭😭 Laurens as Phillip omg
  47. the harmonies between Eliza and Angelica are unREAL
  48. I actually really love that Burr narrates the show
  49. Say No To This is so cringeworthy and yet soooo good
  50. THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED is another favorite song oh wow
  51. oooohh I am always so impressed with the lyrics of this song
  52. Leslie Odom Jr. Gets. Better. In. Every. Single. Song.
  53. "southern motherfucking democrats republicans!!" YESSS
  54. lmao at Madison's "France" during the second rap battle
  55. One Last Time is such a good representation of George Washington... And that speech is impeccable
  56. Hamilton is lowkey losing it, not going to lie
  57. Hurricane is also an underrated song wow
  58. some people say Lin-Manuel is not as good of a singer as the others but he is actually so talented
  59. SHIT I forgot how much I LOVE the Reynolds Pamphlet
  60. Angelica continues to slay
  61. omg loling at King George dancing during this song hahahah and Daveed Diggs is killin it too
  62. Philippa Soo is about to break my heart with Burn, I just know it
  63. she did, I can confirm
  64. ugh and especially when she burned the letters
  65. omg I am NOT ready for Phillip to die
  66. oh no oh nooooooooo
  67. omg Phillip is singing un deux trois 😭
  68. It's Quiet Uptown is about to have me bawling on a plane ☹️
  69. shoot they're making us prepare for landing and I have to stop 40 seconds into IQU
  70. *resumed at 12:22 am*
  71. shit I'm exhausted but I must finish watching this tonight
  72. gosh the part when Alexander is pleading to Eliza but she's too grief-stricken to speak to him
  73. and then she takes his hand AH and forgives him oh my goodness
  74. I'm so torn during the election of 1800 because I'm lowkey on team Burr but also love Daveed Diggs
  75. Your Obedient Servant is so intense
  76. ugh Burr is such a conflicted character
  77. Hamilton's death scene is INTENSE
  78. Eliza in the last song 😭
  79. okay when she BUILDS THE ORPHANAGE
  80. I need to make a separate list about my feelings about the orphanage
  81. *tears*
  82. the emphasis on "time" is spooky
  83. Eliza Hamilton is a miracle sent from heaven above
  84. I really like the simple ending without a reprise and everyone basically bowing together
  85. That was AMAZING