If I discover that you are one of these people, it's likely that we won't mesh well.
  1. People who only wear name brands
    Aka if they refuse to wear anything else. Excluding celebrities/famous people who are constantly berated by paparazzi.
  2. People who don't recycle
    It's SO easy
  3. People with their phones in military time (who are not/have not been in the military in some way)
  4. People who support Donald Trump
    This is self-explanatory
  5. People who use too many paper napkins when eating
    I've noticed that people do this often and it pisses me off
  6. People who own anything with a confederate flag on it
    Are you serious?
  7. People who try to use Abraham Lincoln in defense of the republican party
    Lmao I laugh at you
  8. People who are bad guests
    If I invite you into my space, you should be polite, clean, and tidy. Make yourself at home but respect my things please.
  9. People who are still racist/sexist/homophobic/ignorant in any way
    It's the 21st century
  10. People who talk with their mouth full or chew like a cow
    There isn't a single circumstance in which I want to see the chewed up food in your mouth.
  11. People who drive below the speed limit on the highway
    I have places to be!