Photos From Each Of My Past Jobs

  1. Babysitter
    The OG teenage girl job. I've babysat since sixth grade, for a number of families. These two cuties are the daughters of my high school ski team coach.
  2. Dog walker/sitter
    I did this consistently throughout high school for one family, but I don't have any photos with their dogs. Here is a sweet pupper who my sister and I watched over spring break.
  3. Student leader in JSA
    Not a paid position but BOY did it require a lot of work.
  4. Server at a catering company
    Done sporadically throughout high school, because my friend's mom owned the company and occasionally needed extra servers. This was at a fall event for a bank and it was very swanky. The courtyard out back was lined with an array food trucks.
  5. Summer camp unit aide
    Basically a small version of a counselor without my own campers. Here is me, when I let the kids disguise me as a pile of stuff! If you look closely, you can spot a finger.
  6. Summer camp counselor
    A step above unit aide. A child took this majestic photo, on Oscar's expensive camrra
  7. Ice cream scooper
    At Salt & Straw, a touristy ice cream joint in downtown PDX. Worked there last summer, working there again now.
  8. Office assistant at my university's admissions office
    This is one of the many hilarious emails we have received. It was in response to a general outreach email to prospective students, and this kid wasn't afraid to be honest.
  9. Intern at a law firm
    My newest endeavor; my first day was yesterday!