Sex and the City Characters, Ranked From Worst to Best

Currently making edits for my progress in Season 6!
  1. 16.
    Ugh. That wealthy, overbearing mom who has nothing to do except baby her grownup son. She's such a pest.
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  3. 14.
    She's so annoying, always causing her own problems, and she's a smoker. She also crushes Aidan by cheating on him??? Why??? SO not a fan.
  4. 13.
    He is super cocky and a huge ass.
  5. 12.
    Not bad at all, I actually really like Steve. He would be higher on the list if he was slightly more mature. He is very sweet, but acts like a child sometimes (which is exactly what pissed off Miranda).
  6. 11.
    Miranda gets points for being extremely independent and ambitious! But she's very pessimistic and whiny, which are huge turnoffs.
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  8. 9.
    I feel bad for Natasha because she means well and never does anything bad to Carrie. She actually goes through a lot of pain since her husband cheats on her.
  9. 8.
    So far, I'm a fan of Trey. Him and Charlotte have some problems early on, but he doesn't give up on their relationship. I'm sensing that this might not last, but he's a decent guy.
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  11. 6.
    The best guy that anyone has dated so far. He is genuine, sweet, talented, and handsome. Carrie treats him like shit and he's still willing to be her friend. What a saint.
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  14. 3.
    One of the two main characters that I relate to. She is the most optimistic person of the girls, very classy and intelligent. She can be slightly snobby at times but otherwise I adore Charlotte.
  15. 2.
    The other of the two main characters that I relate to. Samantha does not give a single fuck and I love it! She exudes confidence and isn't afraid of controversy. The ultimate people person.
  16. 1.
    Hilarious and fabulous. What's not to like?