Some regrets
  1. Turf burn
    During the first game, I jumped and slid on my knees to catch a long pass. I caught the frisbee (yay!) but my knees suffered and now sport a massive, swollen turf burn (boo)
  2. Sunburn
    Clearly I don't often spend seven straight hours in direct sunlight or else I would have prevented this issue. I thought I was smart by reapplying sunblock to my face every half hour, but I neglected the rest of my body. I now have a nasty burn on my legs from my knees to ankles and a farmers tan on my arms. Probably my most painful burn to date :/
  3. Muscle strain
    I also don't often run around for roughly four hours straight because BOY, are my muscles sore... Tried to massage the knots out but much of the soreness overlaps with the sunburn which creates a tricky situation
  4. Result: a week of aloe and yoga 👍🏻