Some of the major reasons I vehemently support this statement.
  1. Everyone is friendly
    A blanket statement that I will defend no matter what. In general, everyone I know from the west coast is happier and subsequently, nicer. Even those from large west-coast cities have a much more optimistic outlook than anyone I've met from a major east-coast city. Kindness is an underrated quality in this world.
  2. Cleanliness
    Cities are cleaner and citizens are more aware of their impact on the earth. It's as simple as that.
  3. Natural beauty
    The mountains of the east coast PALE in comparison to those back home. California beaches and Oregon forests cannot be beat.
  4. Mouthwatering food
    Ugh, you literally cannot find authentic cuisine on this coast, excluding Italian food. I miss the Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Thai, Lebanese, and Japanese restaurants that I know and love (and so many more). I think I might die before I find good Mexican food in DC.
  5. Humbleness
    The general atmosphere of the Northwest is best described as down-to-earth. In contrast, people on the east coast are creepily obsessed with wealth and power! I have even found myself increasingly consumed with name brands and money since moving here. Materialism is the worst, and I'm ready to be rid of it for the summer.
  6. In conclusion, new places and experiences are great but nothing beats the west coast. Take me back home!!