You can never go wrong with one of these items
  1. Candle
    I've been getting into candles recently, so I don't have very many yet. I would like to collect a variety of scents to mix it up.
  2. Stationary
    Something I always need, even if it's just a box of 5 cards with a cool design.
  3. Cute socks
    I LOVE socks, especially ones with cute patterns.
  4. Lipstick
    I only have a few shades because I'm not impulsive, but I would definitely use a new shade if someone got it for me. Exception: super bright colors (i.e. Orange, purple, etc)
  5. Book
    I really like when people gift me their favorite book, because I trust my friends' recommendations and it's a personal gift.
  6. Bonus: what NOT to get me
    Graphic/funny shirts (unless there's a great inside joke), lotion (I have SO much), body spray (I have a ton)