From the perspective of an ice cream scooper at a hip, Portland based ice cream shop 🍦
  1. People who don't read the menu
    "Do you have anything with peanut butter?" "I want cookies and cream!" "I'll just have the regular chocolate." None of these things are on the menu, which is on a HUGE hanging chalkboard, so you can't miss it. If you wanted the standard flavors, you could have gone to Ben & Jerry's up the street. ALSO if you order something extra, and act all shocked about the additional cost, you didn't read the menu and that's not my fault.
  2. People who ask dumb questions
    "Wait so is the sea salt with caramel ice cream basically the same as vanilla?" no they are very different do they sound the same....? "Can I get the strawberry ice cream without the honey part?" no it's not like a sandwich or salad, it's already mixed in and cannot be separated...? have you ever seen ice cream??? "Does the lavender flavor taste like lavender?" come on...
  3. People who are dissatisfied with the menu
    I've had someone complain that "everything we have is too creamy for such a hot day" at an ice CREAM shop.... Also everyone who is annoyed that we don't offer more vegan flavors. Ice cream is milk-based, and though we do offer some sorbet/coconut milk based options, there's not much we can do about your dietary restrictions conflicting with our industry!
  4. People who don't understand our atmosphere
    Most everyone knows that the shop I work at is always busy and is known for its crazy flavors. If you get in line and then complain about the wait, I'm not sure why you stood in line in the first place. Also, it's much more enjoyable when customers give the "weird" flavors a chance, rather than acting disgusted.
  5. On a positive note, customers are generally polite at my job and I love working there (for the most part) 😎👍🏻🍦