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it's been awhile, but I'm back on @list and ready to party!
  1. Pretending I Have My Life Together
    Probably will be the title of my book but also could be an introduction
  2. The Bowl-Cut Years
    childhood and my tragic haircut
  3. When I Liked School
    fifth grade really sucked and it went all downhill from there
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5/9/16 (plus some extras because today was good)
  1. I got to have lunch with my parents
    my mom made breakfast for lunch and it was GREAT
  2. I got to see my dad who had been in China the last 10 days on business
  3. I got to go to dinner with my friends and roommates
    It was Mexican food which I LOVE
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Whenever I update my phone I take 99% of the photos off that I import into iPhoto. This is some of what is on my phone at the moment.
I really wanted to actually start using this app so I decided that this was my favorite category of the ones that were listed. I love reading. I grew up reading. My dad has a collectible mystery book business. Books are big in my family. I have two bookshelves worth of books, but my tiny apartment room can only fit one. So here's some books from it
  1. The Last Song
    My favorite book. I remember going to the bookstore with my dad and him asking if I wanted a book and I picked this one up. I read it in less than 24 hours and cried my eyes out.
  2. My Life Next Door
    I love YA Teen Romance novels. I devour them. I'm a quick reader anyways, but I just tear through this one. I bring it on trips with me a lot because I know that if I have time to read, I want it to be something I know I'll enjoy and I love this story.
  3. 52 Reasons to Hate My Father
    Once again, another YA novel. It's an interesting story about an heiress who needs to shape up her ways because she's out of control.
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