We're all doing it and so can you!
  1. Cain's Tavern
    This is my Cheers. A no bullshit bar with a service industry night.
  2. King Noodle
    Hunkiest of bartenders @virolainen and all the best noodles and flaming drinks.
  3. Fritzl's Lunch Box
    Fried chicken for days and a beautiful back patio. I find the fact that the chef/owner is a hulking bald dude with a long red beard very comforting.
  4. Silent Barn
    DIY music venue. Good bands, graffiti art, a creepy dance room upstairs etc.
  5. Variety
    Coffee with all of the appropriate Brookyn pretensions. If you see a cute guy working there with glasses and a bunch of alien tattoos, hands off. Jk, that guy and I broke it off last year, so it would just make listapp really awkward.
  6. Pearl's Social & Billy Club
    Where the pretty people go. And by pretty I mean bearded men and tattooed chicks and a lot of gorgeous androgynes.
  7. Better Read Than Dead
    Good luck finding this place, tourists, but if you manage it's a tiny used book haven.
  8. Maria Hernandez Park
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    It's a park. I take my pup there. It is a great place to engage in puppy warfare. (Kevin pictured basically kicking ass)
  9. Roberta's
    When the Times "found" this place, my rent went up by 20%, but the pizza is damn good. And they have a fried chicken (off menu) at brunch that will bring you to your knees.
  10. Mary Meyer
    Cool kids clothes for going to Roberta's.
  11. Boobie Trap
    The theme of this bar is BOOBS.
  12. Northeast Kingdom
    A restaurant for hot dates. Very Brooklyn--seasonal ingredients and a menu that shifts accordingly and Vermont themed rustic decor.
  13. Heaven Street Records
    You can't have an apartment in Bushwick without records. This particular store carries my band's album, so go to this one and but it.
  14. The Cobra Club
    The Bushwick jack-of-all-trades. It's mostly a punk rock kinda divey bar, with karaoke, stand up and pool. BUT also a coffee shop with yoga and dance classes (during the day).
  15. Worship
    For that vintage Brooklyn feel. It's well curated and affordable. There are sooooo many overalls.
  16. The narrows
    A+ cocktails, really nice patio and delicious french fries. Cash bar but they have an ATM. I had a very dramatic breakup here but still never ending love for the narrows 💕
    Suggested by @aminatou
  17. Champs Diner
    Just moved there!
    Suggested by @johannasamuels