Or what I did today
  1. Managed to get to work on time
  2. Drank my usual 3 cups of coffee
  3. Bitched about an author missing deadlines
  4. Worried about money while paying my rent
  5. Got a positive response for a passion project
  6. Screened a call from my father at lunch
  7. Saw the finished copy of the favorite book I've ever worked on
  8. Goofed around and wrote some copy
  9. Finally listened to the message from my father
  10. Found out my wonderful hero of a Grandfather died this morning
  11. Cried inappropriately in front of my bosses
  12. Cried in Rockefeller center
  13. Am now crying in my underwear while watching the heinous Jupiter Ascending
  14. Am unpleasantly but necessarily alone
  15. Am unsuccessfully using this app to distract myself