This girl has dreams.
  1. I would eat burritos every day except for 5pm every Thursday when I would have Pizza.
    It would also all be free.
  2. Earth Girls Are Easy would be real and I am Gina Davis but I sound like the blonde on the beach.
    Jeff Goldblum + nail art is a weirdly erotic combination for me.
  3. I would never have to touch up my roots.
    My dye would never fade.
  4. I could use that inflatable-bubble-ski-suit that James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) had when people bug me on the subway.
    Also tourists would have their own Manhattan in another dimension.
  5. I get the Hogwarts/Brakebills letter (or Slayer mole, bed levitation, Gypsy curse) even though I'm old.
    With a personal apology for fucking up the dates and ruining my stupid life.
  6. I can talk with my dog, Kevin.
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    I have a feeling there's a lot of untapped depth to this dum-dum.
  7. I am the wife of a drug-addicted investment banker who funds me living like a recluse in the woods and reading (and eating burritos and talking to the dog) in exchange for a few appearances at corporate functions and a very turned other cheek.
    I've been thinking about this one a lot.
  8. Wage equality