I am not more sad than normal.
  1. Walk On By by Dionne Warwick
    A reminder that it's over even if I don't want it to be.
  2. I'll Never Love Anybody But You by Yonder Mountain String Band
    We sat in companionable silence driving from my mountain home. After this song played, it started again and we sang along. So we repeated again and again.
  3. Habit of You by Arthur Russell
    Being with him was wrong, I was punishing someone else. The birds made me stop hating us for a few minutes.
  4. And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison
    Obsessed with the newness of each other, our legs entwined with the smoke of a joint, we marveled at how right it felt to start in the middle. We didn't need an introduction and neither did Van.
  5. Take Me With U by Prince
    After hearing him tell me for the thousandth time how overrated Prince was, I sang this softly while we lay in bed and he knew he was wrong for the first and not the last time.
  6. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by Carole King
    Headphones in, next to him on a flight south to our favorite city. Why do I love to be sad with you?