Inspired by @zoe @tothemaxxx
  1. Weeks on the Listapp: 39
    Why don't I have more followers? I've been doing this forever. Sigh.
  2. Person who invited me: @bjnovak
    (Smug smile)
  3. Lists I've made: 39
    A shocking number given all the drafts I've left unwritten and the lists I've immediately deleted after posting because they were too dorky/drunk/shady
  4. Lists I've favorited: 911
  5. Lists I've relisted: 59
  6. Lists I've saved: 19
  7. Number of remaining drafts: 18
    I'm amazed at my restraint.
  8. Longest time between lists: 6 wks
  9. Least liked list: FANFICTION I'VE READ
    I still love this list. Why aren't more folks interested in the weird shit I want to be shipped?
  10. Most liked list: A MODERN WOMAN'S READING LIST
    This list is actually my soul. I guess all you newbs should come to me for book recommendations (and neuroses).
  11. Underdog favorite of my own lists: NOTES TO MYSELF
    These are all real things I wanted to remember. What a horrifying look into my psyche. A good list to read if you want to bone me.
  12. Person I invited who has written the most lists: @DanaDigsYou
    She's so good at this. It's really annoying and now I completely loathe her (semi-neme?). But seriously, someone get this woman a book deal already.
  13. Person I invited who has never listed: @bizlindsay
  14. Listapp crush:
    @zoe & @rightordoyle are the good, hot & steamy friend-stuff. Funniest goes to @jesseno who doesn't follow me and I accept that. But in all confessional seriousness, how cute is @brewer 's brain?
  15. And that is all the sentimentality I'm capable of. I'll never write another list again.