Because it's cold here.
  1. Subway goodbye
    You're going opposite directions on the same train. The tracks face each other. You half-heartedly try to shout across the tracks until their train comes. The last few seconds as the train is pulling in, you see them standing, focus no longer on you, a hundred times through different windows until they're gone.
  2. Never seeing someone again
    This is a beautiful lie. If you have gone on a terrible date in the city, you will definitely see this person again. Probably while you're on a date with someone else or drunk and feeling vulnerable. But every time you finally leave that mind-blowingly bad torture-date, you will have the blossom of new hope that you'll never see that particular configuration of features ever again.
  3. Top-of-the-stairs text
    You just had a positive romantic encounter and are now sitting on a train home. Because your endorphins are much too high, all you can do is squirm in your seat and replay the evening. By the end of the ride, you have realized inevitably you will never hear from this human again. When you get out of the underground, you already have a text.
  4. Corner wave
    They are across the street when you arrive. At the crosswalk you smile as one of your darts through other pedestrians to get to the other. The eye contact is all but continuous. In this romantic scenario the weather is always extreme.
  5. So many options
    And all of them are horrifying in their own special way.