Mostly handwritten in my uber-cool business planner.
  1. Stop drinking so much at book club. It's embarrassing.
  2. Don't tell mom that the dog broke your nose and gave you a black eye. She already thinks you can't take care of yourself let alone another living creature.
    I did anyway. She said almost those exact words.
  3. Tell people to watch the Swayze PBR commercial so you can watch it without guilt
    This is a gift to myself (and now to you, I've watched it twice since writing this).
  4. Don't forget to stop at Compleat Strategist and buy your nerd stuff
    For my bi-monthly D&D game.
  5. He had scabby tattoos. It was so hot.
  6. I'm sensing some "complicated energy"
    From the last meditation session I did with my therapist (who I love to hate because of her hippy dippy bullshit)
  7. Fetlife (Facebook for kinksters) -- can I write this off as a work expense if I join?
    It was research. Project is over but I'm still interested.
  8. Saint Venus (see above)
  9. many chapters of a romance novel swimming around my phone including a scene for scene recreation of the first and last time I went to a spin class, realized I was truly happy and wasn't "biking towards anything" so I tried to leave but fell flat on my face (still attached to pedals).
  10. Buy screwdriver > have tool > fix pretty shoes