I don't want to talk, and I probably have reading to do
  1. The Cloisters
    My favorite place in the city. And I don't like to share. Also where I go every year on my birthday to mourn the transience of youth. Because gargoyles.
  2. Cain's Tavern
    My bar. Where I can read unmolested and the bartender tells me I'm pretty.
  3. Right before I cancel our plans
    I don't follow through on two thirds of my plans. I tell people it's because of some vague social anxiety, but it's actually that I'm so comfortable alone that I've become completely inert.
  4. Archer
    So good. I don't want to watch it with you.
  5. Brooklyn Public Library - Bushwick location
    Always empty. They let me use the copier whenever I want. Books smell amazing.
  6. The Quiet Place
    Sex Criminals
  7. Mosquito Creek - two miles south of the jumping rock
    Right next to the Snake River, views of the Sleeping Indian, about an hour and forty five from town. Before city life, I camped at least 60 days a year. But never with friends at this spot.
  8. Middle-earth
    I bawled during the final Hobbit movie despite the fact that it was terrible because I love that world and I didn't want it to be over. The films had been a respite after I'd read the books one too many times. Which (side-note) were responsible for my father taking ten years to finish college. Anyway, The Hobbit could have been at least five more movies.
  9. Insomnia
    Old friend and nemesis. Often tied to Archer viewing.
  10. Ut acerbus terminus