I love this @sophia ! Listen to my dreams bitches, and I challenge you to be bored.
  1. I'm the leader of a medieval rebel army running through a misty ancient forest with my longbow at the ready
    One of two recurring dreams I've had my whole life. I can feel my feet pounding on rocks and roots and my companions are behind me. I have a righteous cause. I may or may not be an elf. In some, we come across a griffin which is actually a scene from one of my favorite YA fantasy novels, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce (best feminist YA in my opinion).
  2. I am waltzing in a Beauty and the Beast-esque ballroom, spinning until the floor begins to vanish beneath me and I sink into an endless abyss
    The second of my lifetime recurring dreams. I either dance with my grandfather or the one that got away. The soundtrack is The Caretaker. About 15 years ago I watched a sink-hole tv movie called On Hostile Ground. I laughed at the time, but the instability of the earth has haunted me and I love it? It factors into most of my paranoia when high (ie. How will I escape a sinkhole in this kitchen? Grab the refrigerator handle and swing myself into the sink) and in many of my Regency era dreams.
  3. If I do laundry tonight, I'll feel like I'm really living
    I didn't do laundry for four more days. And I still felt a little dead inside.
  4. I am the goddess of anti-bullshit and I lord over New York with a power that is anything but benign
    This is not a "sleeping" dream. I think about this all the time. I want to be able to publicly and loudly call people out when I deem it appropriate. This comes from a confidence in my own freaking judgement. I'm badass. What is termed confidence in a man is bitchiness in me. I dream that being strong and, frankly, way too fucking opinionated for my own good will eventually be worshipped by all...with human sacrifice.
  5. To publish @zoe 's first novel, essay collection, flarf (basically, whatever the fuck you want to do)
    Your lists are like crack to a professional reader.
  6. Multiple orgasms
  7. HEA (romance reader lingo for happily ever after)
    I want to trust implicitly. I want this to come with ridiculously good sex. And, I want them to love my dog (SO to Kevin Caldwell, Certified Puppy Accountant). I would like them to build me a room full of stars and bring me lots of flowers. I probably want them to have less unrealistic expectations for me.
  8. I am kissing someone. I pull away and it is a beautiful angel/monster. I scream while my whole body turns to immovable jelatinous substance (think Chet as poop in Weird Science). The monster pretends to strike me and I can't even flinch.
    I love to be scared. And don't you want someone to force you to face danger without the ability to cower or hide?
  9. I am on a boat in the ocean. The sun is setting and a dolphin is jumping out of the water. It's straight out of Lisa Frank. Then I am the dolphin. I am at peace.
  10. But, really, most of my dreams are the opening sequence from Teen Witch.