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  1. College Reunion
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    THE GROUP by Mary McCarthy. I wanted to be fully immersed in liberal arts nostalgia and the last moments of companionable naïveté before the real world hits. It did not however make reuniting any less awkward...
  2. Had my basement flood
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    BARBARA THE SLUT AND OTHER PEOPLE by Lauren Holmes. These stories are compact and wry and ferociously female. I laughed when my home was submerged and invaded by workers.
  3. Lost my grandfather
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    SAINT MAZIE by Jami Attenburgh. My Papa would have loved Mazie--all his gals were tough broads with moxie. And the vulnerability written so subtly into this hard-as-nails character softened my grief just a little.
  4. Drank a lot of beer outside
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    THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED by Miranda Neville. I must have been trying to forget this one. Unfortunately bad romance novels aren't rare.
  5. D'angelo orgasms
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    MIDNIGHT'S KISS by Thea Harrison. This is a steamy romance novel with a vampire underworld. Need I say more?
  6. Published Tim & Eric's book
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    WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE? by Maria Semple. The slightly altered reality of meeting your favorites. The psychic break of Bernadette was much like that of fandom.
  7. Saw some all-stars of Drag Race with @DanaHamilton
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    VIXEN IN VELVET by Loretta Chase. Clothes and broads and sequins and sex. Better than the musical Buffy episode. That's a high bar.
  8. Felt incredibly uncomfortable at the White Girl Rose launch party
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    IN THE CUT by Susannah Moore. Sexy erotic thriller meets crippling social anxiety with @virolainen. So we left and got Ivan Ramen. The irony of that in the aftermath of Fat-Jew-Ramen-gate-2015 is not lost on me.
  9. Learned how to take a selfie.
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    AMONG THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS by @juliapierpont. Such a gorgeous book deserves the right angle. Attached is the first and only shared selfie. Use it wisely.
  10. This party a couple times
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    THE BLOODY CHAMBER by Angela Carter. I combined all the magic, passwords and spooky German djs into one frothy city witch fest.
  11. Fell back in love
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    THE ROSIE PROJECT by Graeme Simsion. This didn't come as a surprise to the ones who know us in real life, but I made it official again with my puppy-daddy. I surprised myself by only ever being able to love one person. I fell blissfully into literary fluff.
  12. Saw two of my favorite folks get married on the Staten Island Ferry
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    DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor. Hopelessness and creation myths of angels and demons felt fitting for the marital joining and the mountains of drinking. I obliterated most of chapter three at the after party.
  13. Visited "old Florida"
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    AT WOLF RANCH by Jennifer Ryan. Occasionally romantic suspense has a plot so convoluted it takes your mind off the funeral you're attending and into another dimension of space and time. In this riveting novel, a young heiress watches her twin sister be murdered by her uncle and goes to uncover evidence against him in Montana, falling in love with a cowboy along the way.
  14. Swam in the same tepid water where we scattered my grandparents
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    PRIEST by Sierra Simon. One of the filthiest books I've ever read. The story of a Catholic Priest breaking his vows with a former stripper. Sensual, haunting, gritty prose and extremely embarrassing to read with your whole family around...but that didn't seem to stop me.
  15. Fell out of love with an author
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    THE BEST OF EVERYTHING by Rona Jaffe. While an already difficult publication spiraled out of control, I picked up this classic about publishing. I didn't find peace with the book and I find myself caring less and less about the October publication, but this was a great read.
  16. Coney Island
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    THE SPANISH PEARL by Catherine Friend. Lesbian Pirate erotica always mixes well with roller coasters and hot dogs. Plus there's time travel! All of the good stuff.