1. Angel From Montgomery by John Prine—I grew up in Wyoming. Every year, John Prine came to town. For the first 18 years of my life, my family would sit in a small room full of my neighbors and listen to this gruff old man sing the most heartbreaking song. So, in some ways, this song is my home.
  2. If I Had A Boat by Lyle Lovett—Another old country tune. I think I've held on to my whimsy because, "if I had a pony, I'd ride it on my boat." I live with an unshakable sense of wonder. It might be crazy to admit, but I still absolutely believe in magic.
  3. So In Love by Cole Porter—I used to listen on repeat to these beautiful recordings of Cole Porter singing his own songs. Of course, they've been recorded by some of the best singers of all time, but I still love listening to his reedy, tenuous, vulnerable voice.
  4. Go Bang! #5 by Dinosaur L (Arthur Russell)—this song makes me smile and think of friends and parties and sparkly dancing fish
  5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by Carole King—Maybe it says something about me that I think this is the most romantic song ever written, but I don't quite believe that love can be permanent.
  6. Tyrone by Erykah Badu—If some monster told me I could only sing one song for the rest of my life, this would probably be it. Or The World's Greatest (can 6 be two songs?)...
  7. Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn—There are very few songs that I'll dance to. There is only one song that I can't not dance to. Yes, that's a very serious double negative. I've danced-off to this song and won.
  8. Come See by Belong—So I think everyone has a walking around song, and this is mine. I'm in New York. I'm dodging folks on the sidewalk. My knees are practically buckling from the pace. A lightening bolt could strike and I'd probably not even notice. And this is the song in my head.
  9. Daydreaming by Dark Dark Dark—I listened to this song many times with a person I loved. It still feels like it was written about us.
  10. In the Deep and Dark Hours of the Night by The Caretaker—This album is the most dreamy, haunting thing I've ever listened to. In many of my dreams, I'm waltzing in a ballroom spinning until I can't see the floor and always this song is playing.