And have feelings about. These are those feelings.
  1. Firefly
    Feelings: I have always been comfortable with the loneliness of endless space. I have always felt my Wyoming is a part of the cosmos.
  2. Archer
    Feelings: I still believe I could possibly be a spy--a certainty (like the existence of magic) that I won't give up. Archer's sociopathic delusions are a perfect avatar for my long wait.
  3. The Mighty Boosh
    Feelings: why are songs of soup so soothing? I will love you if you love this show, or at least I will try.
  4. Call the Midwife
    Feelings: I watch/cry every episode with my closest female friend. Tears that are the result of the rarity of female compassion and tender care depicted on camera. And the gratitude I feel for birth control and access to doctors.
  5. Doctor Who
    Feelings: when I close my eyes and picture a perfect love it is with a lonely alien. When we are together, this show and I, I am carefully optimistic.
  6. Black Mirror
    Feelings: why didn't I listen when he told me to wait to watch White Bear with him? Because I love to be alone and scared.
  7. The Simpsons
    Feelings: how many things stay funny to you for twenty years? I cling to Seasons 3-9 to keep my humanity.
  8. Gilmore Girls
    Feelings: If Archer is my delusion, Rory was and is my reality. We are the same age. I can't own a bag that's too small for a hardcover. And, I am grateful for her reading recommendations. They taught me to dig deeper in my tiny Wyoming library.
  9. Top Chef
    Feelings: I like to be humbled by excellence.
  10. The Bachelor
    Feelings: how we, women, subjugate ourselves to love. How we, America, both revel in and revile our own sentimentality.
  11. The X Files
    Feelings: I live for the mytharc. I believe in life on other planets. I am the monster of the week.
  12. Kids In the Hall
    Feelings: the delight of the non sequitur. The embarrassment I feel whenever someone asks me what I do in my band, and I say, "I am the frontman of evil, Bobby!" And they look confused.