Embracing the feminine.
  1. Always want to wear
    A long white dress like the one in the first season finale of Buffy. I am neither Madonna nor whore but a blazing white pillar of female power and agency. Demon slayer and teenage dream.
  2. Got wrong
    Rosé. As a bartender suffering from an abundance of ego and an excess of youth, I decided that pink wine and the women that rarely stray from it were beneath me. I was so deeply wrong. I drink my shame almost daily this summer and wash it down with fried chicken.
  3. Can't stop reading
    Maggie Nelson. Whose hybrid of memoir, criticism, theory and womanhood make each book a life source for those feeling disenfranchised, disembodied, dire, desirous.
  4. Am grateful for
    Single mothers. As we celebrated Father's Day, I felt an unending sense of gratitude for the woman who was both mother and father and provider and friend when those who bore the correct sexuality disappointed.
  5. Reject
    Sexual shame. Especially from my female peers. I expect a certain amount of slut-shaming in our current climate, but I am consistently surprised by women putting down the erotic work of others and subsequently marginalizing open female sexuality to a joke or a fad.
  6. Publicly cried about
    Mad Max. It's all been said by better watchers and writers than I, but I was so grateful to see women full of power, action and fertile futures. Their happy ending was so unexpected and unprecedented that it shocked me to tears.
  7. Unabashedly love right now
    Bernie Sanders. Bad Feminist, no? And, women who don't identify as feminist--I love a challenge.