Disaster struck today when I flipped open my exam and felt the all-too familiar feeling of some runny snot creeping down my nasal passages. I began the usual struggle of determining the socially acceptable, yet effective method of dealing with the intruding body fluids.
  1. Be like the rest of the sickly, sniffle and snort your way through it.
    Kind of difficult to focus on word problems when you're not sure if you didn't sniff that stuff sufficiently and there's a possibility of it plopping down on your paper.
  2. Dare to be icky and wipe it with your sleeves.
    It's semi-discreet if done properly. Be warned however, only attempt this maneuver with lighter colored sleeves as dried nasal gunk shows up like a germ-y spotlight on dark fabrics.
  3. Dare to be even more socially inept and proceed with the nose pinch-rub move to dry off those nostrils thoroughly.
    Well obviously this is pretty gross in the short term, you have moist hands and the cute guy next to you definitely noticed. But there's something to be said for lengthened peace of mind!
  4. Stand up and locate a restroom like a civilized person and properly blow your nose and wash your hands.
    Depending on your professor the reward may not be worth the risk, some could be suspicious of cheating even during cold season. You also lose a few precious minutes that could have been spent on that absurd essay prompt.