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Sigh. I've been thinking a lot about my past year, where I've gone, and how I am somehow seemingly back where I started working in retail last summer.
  1. It's weird how much things can change, but also not at all?
    What's the word to describe this feeling?
  2. This time last year I was working retail to make money during the summer before jetting off to LA to do an internship/lay a foundation for my career.
  3. At that point I was applying like crazy. I had interviews with Viacom, NBC, Conan, Funny or Die, ELLEN. I just wanted to work on their social media teams sooo bad.
    (I have previous work experience don't worry)
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I've been on and off li.st for a while now. I'll leave for a few months and dwindle my way back in. The updates didn't help, but today I impulse-thought I should ask my li.st friends if something was weird. This is more of a community than any other socials (sorry Twitter but this is true!)
  1. Anyways, I am glad to be back.
    Within hours, I've already seen familiar faces and binge-read through what I've missed.
  2. There are a few things I've been wondering since I haven't been on here in a few months.
  3. Did we find out that B.J. Novak is actually an artificial intelligence experiment set in place by the government to infiltrate the niches of TV, film, and the internet yet?
    Or are we still in the dark about that....
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Earlier I was joking around with my sister about creative resumes so she challenged me to make one using emojis and I indulged but honestly????
  1. I think it's okay???
  2. Like, I don't hate this??
  3. Is this ridiculous?
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I don't know why this is. My body cannot handle success?
  1. Theoretically I have been "killing it" here in LA.
    Cool job ✅ Doing good work ✅ Schoolwork ✅
  2. Social life ❌ Environment ❌ Health ❌
  3. ‼️‼️‼️‼️Anxiety‼️‼️‼️‼️
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  1. Today I woke up my roommate screaming, "I HAVE GREAT NEWS."
  2. She responds, "Is your eye better?"
    These past couple of days my eye has been swollen because I have a stye. Not pretty, painful, red swollen under eye. Lovely.
  3. And I respond, "NO. It's actually bleeding, BUT THATS NOT THE NEWS."
    I woke up rubbed my eye, and there was a tiny bit of blood. So that happened.
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Up until 10/14/16 my time in LA has been dull and hard. I helped out a fellow student at my school and volunteered at red carpet event (unknowingly).The student interned for this company and asked for help: I was free, needed volunteer hours, and went for it. I was able to be in the same room as so many powerful women. Here's what happened...
  1. So I'm taken to this room (at a fancy shmancy hotel)....given a headset and a walkie, and positioned at the bottom of an ornate staircase, with one other girl, standing on the other side of the staircase....
  2. I'm told my job is "VIP check in" and at the top of the stairs is the red carpet.
    I was given a paper with pictures of all the celebrities to ID, and once they arrived into this room I had to personally welcome them and walkie in to the red carpet "_________ is now heading up toward the red carpet." Also if the celebrity did not have a handler with them I was instructed to walk them up stairs.
  3. Before this event, I had no idea who was going to be at this event or what I was going to be doing.
    This is a really important part of the story.
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A few days ago I made a list asking for help with a journalism assignment: to make an entertainment blog. I chose to make mine a comedy/commentary theme and was overwhelmed by the amount of nice words, advice, and support on here.
  1. WELL
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I have to create an entertainment blog for my pop culture journalism class. My professor seems to only kind of like my idea *a tiny bit.
  1. I wanted to move away from hard journalism this semester and actually dip into some lighter-ish writing I'd enjoy.
    A strength of mine is poking fun at people, see previous Ryan Lochte list, or my twitter @maddiemortell.
  2. So I wanted to do a sort of real but onion-y type blog. Where I use humor to start conversations about real issues.
    I've joked about calling it the funyun.
  3. My professor thinks I can't be funny AND serious at the same time.
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Let's be real here. Growing up with these people on my screen was confusing.
  1. Phil (Phil Of The Future)
    Ricky Ullman, marry me.
  2. Troy Bolton (HSM)
    His theatrics, his drama, those eyes....
  3. Nick Jonas in general
    Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2, JONAS
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  1. i wanted to see if i could get a notification
  2. my groove was thrown off
  3. i've been trying to adjust to big life changes
    moving to LA and starting a new job + having no friends in a new city—yeah!
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