🚨!!! *Saw this in my drafts and panicked because I've been on this app for months* !!!🚨
  1. My name is Maddie, but my close friends call me Maddog and I've given up trying to fight it.
  2. I currently study journalism at Emerson College and it's a pretty interesting place.
    So much tea spilling.
  3. I've lived near and in Boston my whole life...
  4. ....but next fall I'm moving for the first time, to here...
    Emerson College Los Angeles Campus
  5. I recently interned at WGBH and fell in love with working in TV production. I hope to continue this type of storytelling as my career path!
    They gave me this cool mug too.
  6. I'm a dog person and own a dog that is old and farts too much, but we all have baggage.
    Darby is great.
  7. I think @list is a hidden gem. Not a lot of my friends use it, so I want more list friends!
  8. My Twitter is a concerning insight into my personality and it's gotten to the point where I can no longer control it.
    @maddiemortell is the handle. also shoutout to @bjnovak for my favorite Ryan gif.
  9. A former All That cast member follows me on Instagram.
    Sometimes she creeps.
  10. Arrested Development will always be my favorite show, I think.
    Lucille Bluth is me.
  11. I have anxiety! I'm not ashamed of it either. Recently, I've been trying to embrace and harness it into healthy energy.
    Drinking tea and distractions help.
  12. I have a book of jokes I want to eventually publish, but I have no idea how to go about it. So at this stage it's just heavily edited material in a notebook. But my friends and family are really supportive of it and it made them laugh genuinely (I think?). My former professor said it was SNL worthy and I'm extremely flattered!
    It's called "At Least She's Cute*" inspired by words my 5th grade teacher told my mother regarding my intelligence. (Name will probably change).
  13. My dog has met Steve Carell?
    feat. my sister gooning out. This was bizarre. She sniffed him for sure.
  14. Bing Bong from Inside Out shouldn't have fucking died.
    This isn't a fact about me but rather a goddamn obvious point.
  15. I actually met one of my best friends in detention in 7th grade.
    I got detention for being too sassy and she got it for forgetting a permission slip.
  16. I once fainted at a concert and woke up alone in the back of an ambulance and while that sounds terrible it was actually visually cool.
    Modest Mouse fading from my vision into nothingness was actually something.
  17. Lastly, listers I think are really cool/want to befriend: @joannfabrics (bc this is hilarious) @Smands, @ColeSprouse & @aidybryant (because I'm in love with you !!!) @marymurphy, @k8mcgarry, and obviously @snoopdogg.