I have to create an entertainment blog for my pop culture journalism class. My professor seems to only kind of like my idea *a tiny bit.
  1. I wanted to move away from hard journalism this semester and actually dip into some lighter-ish writing I'd enjoy.
    A strength of mine is poking fun at people, see previous Ryan Lochte list, or my twitter @maddiemortell.
  2. So I wanted to do a sort of real but onion-y type blog. Where I use humor to start conversations about real issues.
    I've joked about calling it the funyun.
  3. My professor thinks I can't be funny AND serious at the same time.
  4. ALSO: my professor wants me to "go beyond the noise" with the blog-when i have this class once a week-and am working a full time internship the other days, so heh. This will be interesting.
  5. Here are some story ideas that I thought would fit on the blog:
  6. -I already lost my new Apple wireless headphone buds and they haven't even come out yet
  7. -How Leslie Jones is now the Whoopi Goldberg of our time
  8. -Celebrities Have Awkward Elevator Moments Too
    a story about celebrities who deal with anxiety
  9. -Cher Tweet Of The Week
    (I'm With (C)her)
  10. I need to also think of a name:
  11. honestly i think the funyun is a funny idea.
  12. but I don't know?
    I need help reworking or just some feedback in general.
  13. I'm tagging a bunch of 💙 listers because you're all wonderful writers who could maybe help/offer feedback:
  14. also, lowkey if you see this/share this, please feel free to tag someone you might think could help 💙💙💙