Today's energy was
  1. It started with a VERY important !!! (Yes three exclamation points important) job interview.
    Anxiety Level: 3, because I was excited and that's good energy.
  2. But then it didn't happen, and got rescheduled to later in the day.....
    Anxiety Level: 5, because things happen, and I am still very excited to even be considered!
  3. I got my car inspected and it BARELY passed.
    Anxiety Level: 7, because my car is OLD.
  4. The gas station didn't have any Kit Kats.
    Anxiety Level: 10, WHY GOD????
  5. I picked up $$$ from my work.
    Anxiety Level: 2, it was good I got paid!
  6. I get home, and watched Bring It On to kill time.
    Anxiety Level: 2, that movie was not as good as I remembered.
  7. Now it's my new interview time, so I get ready.
    Anxiety Level: 6, I got nervous a little bit.
  8. It gets rescheduled again, to a TBA time.
    Anxiety Level: 7, I didn't get canceled, just rescheduled so it's okay. It's okay.
  9. All of my relatives call to ask how my big interview went subsequently.
    Anxiety Level: 10, telling Italians something didn't happen when they were expecting it is not fun.
  10. Making this list.
    Anxiety Level: 7, feeling a little lousy. Didn't think of anything funny today. Questioned my life choices. Feeling kind of numb. Wow this had a weird end. I think I'm just still upset over not getting that Kit Kat.