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  1. "All wrong, all wrong, all wrong." -disapproving Matthew McConaghey
  2. "Ross is such a great guy!" -everyone
  3. "Honestly, if we didn't make a fortune off of collecting all those yard sale beanie babies way back when, there's no way we'd even be sitting on this chaise lounge right now. CAROL! Fetch me another sparkling lemonade please." -rich couple conversing about their beanie baby based empire
  4. "I can't believe President Kardashian is proposing making poor lit selfies a crime."
  5. "Ugh. He gave me tickets to Beyoncé I have to break up with him. I just can't be with someone like that."
  6. "I'm glad Donald Trump exists."
  7. "Did you hear that DJ Khaled was just appointed to be the new pope? #BlessUp"
  8. "Dope, I just got jury duty! I'm so excited to serve for my country!"