Things I'll Miss About Boston While I Move To LA For A Little While

because i'm moving in 23 days and have feelings about it
    my happy place !!!! LOOK AT THIS. also my front yard
  2. Esplanadé
    and the "adult" playground attached to it. weird memories of early college days always seem to end up here. i once saw a guy try to impress me and my friends by stripping naked and jumping in the Charles. i was horrified.
  3. South Street diner
    Late night quesadillas and laughs with friends open 24 hours
  4. DUNKIN!!!!!!
    What the ffffff am I supposed to do?????
  5. clam chowder
    okay so i don't eat this often but what if while i'm out there i want to. and i can't????
  6. my college network of friends/aquaintances
    i mean obviously, Allston nights r our always
  7. Not getting lost
    Boston is so small that you basically can't get lost??? Worst case scenario is you look up and see the Pru in the distance and use it to figure out where you are. I hear LA is "SO BIG"
  8. Sweaters
    my signature look
  9. My self esteem
    I'm a Boston 7 and an LA -3.