i originally saw this tag on tumblr and it's basically just a list of things about yourself that no one asked. i thought it was better suited for @list. you can literally write anything.i am tagging some of my list favs to do this but they by no means have to! (@k8mcgarry @marymurphy)
  1. i've never had a sleep over with my best friend of 8 years. we tried in 7th grade but she threw up and i went home and we never discussed it again.
  2. i always play the degrees of separation game, with everyone. @bjnovak we have no degrees now:
  3. I have 6 real friends and I'm okay with that. The past year I was surrounded by some very toxic people and I'm glad to be free. Quality over quantity, always.
    I'm open to new friends, though.
  4. I sell jewelry to suburban moms at my current job.
    There's a lot of gossip, card-swiping, and fake smiles.
  5. I love social media. I'm one of those people.
    Twitter is the most steady relationship I've ever had.
  6. I relate to Craig from Parks And Recreation SO hard.
    "Her name is Madison and SHE DROVE ME HERE!!!!!"
  7. I love it when people ask me about lipstick, and for advice about it.
    wearing it 24/7 for 5 years has given me this
  8. I've been known to turn mood rings black.
    This amazes my coworkers. They always ask me to "reset" them to black. I thought it was a bad omen at first but I looked it up and they just turn black from cold body temperature. Which makes sense because I have low blood pressure.
  9. When I can afford it and have a good living situation for it, I am going to get a fat, old-man-looking bulldog and he will be my son.
    We will eat spaghetti together and it will be grand.