I partied in Madison Wisconsin this weekend for Halloween. My goodness
    I was woken up at 8am on a Saturday by people shouting game day
  2. People stay in on a Friday night to study
  3. They start drinking at 9am
    And this is a regular thing
  4. A keg stand before noon is okay
    My first and probably last
  5. If your not wearing school colors, you're stupid
    "Where the FUCK is your red"
  6. Don't worry about being jumped on the street
    College town, no hobos to harass you at 2am
  7. But sexual assault is a thing
    I wasn't assaulted, but the guys where a lot more touchy. I can see the university rape issue now.
  8. I can dance??
    I'm a white girl, and everyone was impressed. Not annoyed like everyone here
  9. Beer. All. The. Time.
  10. Always a party
    Every night, there's always one open to go to.
  11. I would not survive
    How do these people do work or get anything done?
  12. No one smokes cigarettes
    There wasn't the usual gang of skinny hipsters chain smoking out side the party. Less homey.
  13. Jackets?!!!
    Why the fuck does no one bring a jacket to the party? Am I a mom? It's fricken cold, it's WISCONSIN. Damn right I'm bringing my coat and stuffing it behind a couch.
  14. Everyone kept calling me 'Chicago!!'
    You say go to school somewhere that's not Wisconsin and everyone flips shit